Losing Weight Resisting Temptation

Temptation is probably the biggest reason that people sabotage their diet plans.  They see a lifetime of scarcity and being deprived looming ahead of them and become disappointed and despondent very early on. 

The crushing weight of that kind of future restriction prevents them from reaching their weight loss goals.  Their inner voice then, unhelpfully, thinks, “why bother?”, “what’s the point?”. Hypnotherapy has been at the forefront of weight management approaches for a very long time and there are various techniques available that can help clients to feel motivated, strong and resourceful. Most people that are trying to lose weight will be aware of that daily internal battle. 

There will be times when they feel motivated and strong-willed and other times when it all seems too much and nothing can stop them from caving in.

The reason why hypnotherapy can be particularly successful is because it works with the subconscious mind.  All of our hidden templates are stored in this part of the brain, including our triggers for indulging in food that we are trying to avoid.  Powerful positive suggestions can be delivered to the subconscious so that changes in our habits and behaviors can occur.

Of course, eating is just one part of the weight loss equation, the other being exercise.  Movement and activity will not only help to keep your body healthy and flexible, but those calories will melt away, leaving you with a toned, firm figure. Many people become demotivated when it comes to exercise because they are impatient for the end results.   


The benefits don’t seem to be coming quickly enough and, quite frankly, it hurts.  Hypnosis can change the way you feel about this so that your inner strength and determination are pumped up to the max.  Slow, steady weight loss is encouraged in order to keep those pounds off for good and leave you with the body that you want.

During a hypnosis session, the hypnotherapist will create a deeply relaxing induction, allowing the conscious mind to drift away.  This gives a window of opportunity where the critical mind is “off duty”, allowing positive suggestions to be given to the subconscious mind without conscious interference.

New skill sets can be built together with new ways of thinking so they KNOW those goals are within reach.  Clients can feel optimistic and are able to plan persistent lifestyle changes that will get them to where they want to be. When we work with the subconscious mind in this way it almost feels as if we are streamlining our intention instead of fighting against ourselves.

Confidence, motivation, focus and body image can all be improved through the power of hypnotherapy. Perhaps you can imagine what it will feel like to have more energy and be able to fit into the clothes that you want, feeling attractive and smart? 

These strong mental images of your new self can be rehearsed during your hypnosis session, imprinting on your mind the way you want to be, so that you can positively move forwards, feeling accomplished and single-minded in your focus. 

This technique of mental rehearsal is a very effective way of creating change.

Your mind does not know the difference between what is real and what is imagined, so imagining these positive new images unlocks a totally different mindset – one where you are no longer focusing on what you don’t want (that lumpy, bumpy, overweight self) but are spurred on to push beyond those boundaries of the mind and able to zone in on the new you that is waiting to be released.