Conquer Fear

Stop Fear From Running Your Life with Hypnosis

Everyone has experienced fear. It’s just part of being human. And at times, fear can be your best friend, like when it gives you a timely heads-up on danger. But when that feeling moves in and starts to push you around, you can quickly find yourself in a very bad place.

Hypnosis and NLP are the perfect tools to help naturally put those responses back where they belong. So whether your issue is very specific, or you suffer panic attacks, or you’re just tired of living under a constant cloud of anxiety, we can help.  Also using stress management hypnosis to help you bring back control of your emotions.

Fear is a funny thing.  Almost nobody likes the feeling of fear and being afraid, but in a way, fear is what keeps us alive. That’s because without sensitivity to fear, we would all be risking potentially fatal behavior all the time.  

Fear is the core of a powerful early warning system that was first programmed into our brains at the beginning of human evolution when danger was everywhere all the time.

Think about it: 50,000 years ago if you ignored the sound of some unknown animal’s call (or someone sneaking up on you), you stood a very good chance of ending up as dinner.  But irrational and the overwhelming fear of things that are a part of our normal daily life is where hypnosis can help.

Fear Is An Unconscious Response

Fear is a completely unconscious response. It has to be most because life or death situations typically happen in the blink of an eye and the conscious mind moves much too slowly to reliably protect us in such situations. The unconscious, on the other hand moves at lightning speed and its absolute priority is to keep up alive.

However – and this is where problems can start – this unconscious protection circuit works by triggering what is known as the “fight or flight response.

Put simply, if the unconscious perceives immediate danger it instantly instantaneously prepares (our minds and bodies) us to either fight to the death or to run away.

From an evolutionary perspective, this ancient system works extremely well, but in our incredibly complex modern world, it can easily malfunction.

For one thing, many of the threats we face today* are basically undetectable to our natural senses so this inner warning system can easily fail to recognize legitimate threats and leave us with neither adequate warning nor defense.

The unconscious can also easily mistake a relatively harmless situation (or the ILLUSION of danger) for a true life or death issue and trigger “fight or flight” when there is no real threat. (A call from a bill collector might be disturbing, but it generally NOT a true survival issue.)

This kind of over-reaction not only makes us highly uncomfortable, but if the unconscious makes this your go-to response, it can result in serious physical and/or emotional distress as clear thinking becomes more and more restricted and you begin to avoid new experiences. Anxiety, Phobias and PTSD are the result of this kind of confusion.

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Forms of Fear


Non-specific fear and anxiety is essentially a persistent feeling of fear or apprehension when there is no actual threat. This sense of impending danger is actually an illusion (the thing the person is afraid of is not really happening), but to the sufferer, it feels as real as real and the mind and the body react as if it were. Since this is an application of the unconscious protection circuit, it is very difficult to alter using willpower or logic.

Specific irrational fears (popularly referred to as phobias) are also illusions. Generally, they are the result of that same unconscious protection program being applied inappropriately to particular objects, actions, people or situations that are not actually threats.

These kinds of responses occur when the unconscious mismatches current experience to some previous (often long past) event that caused fear at the time. Associations like this often begin as odd “one-off” events and over time, grow stronger and stronger until they take on a life of their own, often completely obscuring the person’s ability to see what is or is not happening in the moment. And again, because of the speed with which they are deployed and the fact that the unconscious will do whatever it has to protect the person from what it perceives as a threat, they are very difficult, if not impossible to eliminate with willpower or reason.

Traumatic Recall


Similarly, memories of some past traumatic event can take on a life of their own and can often overwhelm the individual’s powers of reason as, in response to some current event, painful memories of the original trauma are triggered and the event vividly recalled. Sometimes these memories can even be relived, sometimes in great detail as if the original event were happening all over again. Typically, traumatic recall is the result of an unconscious perception of inescapability. However, when we guide the unconscious in such a way that it can reprocess the original memory and disassociate from the original event, that sense of being trapped in the present moment can be relieved. Hypnosis and NLP are ideal modalities to help accomplish this.

Again, modern life is highly complicated and the architecture of our brains simply has not had time to adapt. As a result, confusion and errors in perception can far too easily be accepted, absorbed and ultimately compounded.

We can never eliminate fear entirely (nor should we), but it is critically important that we keep the fear response in its place; if we don’t, it can and will end up running our lives.  Hypnosis and NLP allow gentle, natural access to the unconscious so that we can painlessly and efficiently reestablish the boundaries between a genuine threat and the illusion of danger. The result; fear is gone, replaced by lasting inner peace as you:


  • Stop Anxiety from running your life
  • Eliminate panic attacks and phobias, Let go of the past
  • Speak in public with confidence
  • Fly with a fantastic feeling in your body
  • Take tests with complete confidence

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