Anger Management Hypnosis – Gain the ability to control anger

Control anger with hypnosis

Everyone experiences anger and many can control it but for those that find they easily lose control, it’s a serious problem. You can spend a ton of money on therapy with little or no results but hypnosis for anger deals with the subconscious mind where you can control the anger before it controls you.

Anger management is something we all have to learn. Anger management hypnosis is a way to control your feelings of anger at the subconscious level.

Anger it’s not about you as an individual; it’s a result of our evolution as a species and it came about because it can be useful for our survival. In other words, there are times when anger is the only correct and appropriate response to what’s happening.

For example, if you are physically attacked, anger is designed to quickly trigger the physical and psychological responses you need to successfully defend yourself. Or if you perceive some social injustice and wish to take action, anger might be just the fuel you need to help propel you through to a successful conclusion.

But – and this is particularly true in the pressure cooker of today’s complex, crowded world – far too often, we find that we are automatically responding with out of control anger, rage or fury to circumstances that simply displease us. By doing this, we cause real damage not only to ourselves (remember, every thought creates a physical reaction) but also to our relationships.  Therefore hypnosis for anger will help you with you relationships and allow healing and renewal to take place causing everyone’s life to be better for it. 

Anger and the Damage to Ourselves

The damage we do to ourselves begins with the flood of chemicals released into the body during fits of rage: “The adrenaline-caused arousal that occurs during anger lasts a very long time (many hours, sometimes days), and lowers our anger threshold, making it easier for us to get angry again later on.”*  This is a self-reinforcing pattern and over time, it can lead to a host of health issues such as high blood pressure and heart disease. Then, of course, there are the emotional components: the guilt we feel as well as the inevitable damage we do to our self-esteem.

But probably the worst part of this story has to do with the ways in which our anger affects others. Anger towards strangers is bad enough; there is a whole host of issues, practical and legal, that come from acting on these impulses; worse still, statistics show that most of the time, when we lose our temper, we take it out on with people we are close to! By far the majority of people who seek help with anger do so because they have lost control with their family members, significant others and children, the people who are most vulnerable and the least willing and/or able to defend themselves.

Because anger is born in the unconscious part of the mind (again, it is a primal survival response), it typically plays out very, very quickly, much too quickly for the conscious mind to intervene. All too often, by the time we do realize what is happening, we (and the targets of our fury) have begun a long and unhappy journey from which there is no easy way home.  

Hypnosis for Anger Management Will Help You Take Control

However, there is a simple way to stop anger and all it’s side effects dead in its tracks! Yes, you do need your primal programming (and you can keep it), but you absolutely DO NOT have to be ruled by it. Hypnosis and NLP provide easy, elegant the tools to restore order in the unconscious and in the process, put uncontrolled anger exactly where it belongs, behind you.

With hypnosis anger management in West Palm Beach is within your reach.

If you desire change and want to see if hypnosis is right for you, contact us and schedule your free consultation to manage your anger.