How online hypnosis sessions can help you to heal a compromised immune system

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The immune system is our first line of defense against any disease-causing microorganisms. It works very effectively most of the time. However, sometimes it fails.

So, can we heal our immune system? is there any way to improve its performance?

The ability to do that might seem complicated. Still, the good news researchers have been working on developing protocols and investigating accessible means that could heal and boost your immunity.

Before digging deep into the means and ways of boosting your immunity. Let’s have a glimpse of the immune system and how it can be compromised.

Immune system and its disorders – how hypnosis can help

The immune system is an intricate system made up of special cells, tissue, and organs (lymph nodes, spleen, bone marrow, lymphocytes, thymus, and leukocytes). All these structures work in balance and harmony to efficiently protect your body against any germs and microorganisms that can harm you. Yet, this intricate system could fail due to various reasons. These reasons include:

  • Congenital weak immune system: Primary immune deficiency
  • A disease that weakens your immunity: Acquired immune deficiency
  • Allergic reactions causing an overactive immune system.
  • Immune system attacking the body itself: Autoimmune disorders.

All these disorders are managed using specific medications and protocols. However, maintaining harmony and balance of the immune system could result in several health benefits including preventing the above-mentioned disorders, or ameliorating existing conditions or healing a compromised immune system.

So, How can we maintain the harmony and balance of our immune system?

1- Relieving stress

Modern and functional medicine has come to appreciate the relationship between mind and body. One interesting relationship is the one between stress and illness. Since 1980, researchers and clinicians have been intrigued to study and investigate the connection between stress and infection. In a study by Janis Glaser and Ronald Glaser, they reported lower immunity of medical students during exam periods. Moreover, a meta-analysis by Suzanne Segerstrom and Gregory Miller reported the weakening of immunity with any stress of any duration affecting normal individuals. Also, they observed that the older population is more liable to stress-related immune problems.

This evidence tracing the connection between stress and immune functions made us realize the importance of relieving stress on preventing infections. Therefore, it is important to manage stress in our lives and investigate possible solutions and therapies to relieve stress or prevent it.

2- Weight loss

Obesity could lead to various health problems. From the scientific perspective, it is well known that excess body fat triggers “pro-inflammatory” immune cells that could damage our body and weaken our immunity. Studies show how obesity can alter immunity functions by:

  • Decreasing cytokine production
  • Altering monocyte and lymphocyte function
  • Decreased response to antigen stimulation

These are complicated cascades of the immune system to fight infections. This means that these complicated cascades are affected by excess body fat. Leading to increased risk of infections. Other studies reported an increased risk of secondary infections as pneumonia and sepsis among obese hospitalized patients.

The bottom line is, current evidence is emphasizing the relationship between obesity and increased infection rates. Thus, the importance of developing solutions to lose weight is an important aspect of healing weak immune systems. The good news is this is backed up by scientific papers. In a study by Dr. Viardot and professor, Samaras at Garvan institute of medical research showed 80% reduction of above mentioned “pro-inflammatory cells” and other immune cells responsible for impairment of our immunity.

3- Smoking Cessation

Undoubtedly, smoking is associated with various and numerous health issues. It plays a major role in immune system impairment. Several studies investigated the relationship between smoking and the production of pro-inflammatory cells. These studies reported the unpleasant effects of smoking on chronic inflammation and autoimmune disease. This intrigued researchers to study the direct effect of smoking on the immune system.

A 2017 study shows that smoking affects both innate and adaptive immunity. Smoking causes a paradoxical effect on immune cells which could aggravate pathological immune response, and affect the defense functions of the immune system. This is attributed to the toxic chemicals involved in making cigarettes. Fundamentally, tobacco smoking weakens your immunity against infections.

We can conclude that smoking cessation will improve your general health but also will heal and boost your immunity. Therefore, seeking help to stop smoking is important. Moreover, utilizing different techniques, modalities and therapies are justified to help the individual to stop smoking.

How can Hypnosis help you with the above-mentioned goals?

Online sessions using Hypnosis (#teletherapy or #telehypnosis) can benefit your health in a number of ways. It can bring general improvement to your overall wellbeing. Most importantly, it can help you boost your immunity through relieving stress, losing weight and stopping smoking.

Hypnosis and stress and anxiety

Hypnosis can be used in several ways to relieve anxiety. A state of hypnosis is a relaxed state allowing the person to access the subconscious mind while the conscious mind is at rest. After inducing this state, the hypnotherapist will access your subconscious mind to understand what is causing the anxiety. Subsequently, the hypnotherapist will use suggestions to relax your mind and stop experiencing anxiety. Additionally, there are several physical changes associated with the hypnotic state that has notable results on relieving anxiety:

  • Slowed breathing
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Decrease heart rate
  • Lowering blood pressure

Hypnosis and losing weight

Studies have been investigating the effectiveness of hypnosis on weight loss. A randomized control trial reported promising results of using hypnotherapy to help in weight loss compared to using dietary advice alone. As discussed before, the hypnotic state allows the hypnotherapist to use suggestions to teach your subconscious mind about healthy eating habits, exercising and the importance of losing weight. Moreover, releasing stress and muscle tension helps you to decrease cravings and stress eating habits. For the best results, it is advised to add a diet and workout plan.

Hypnosis and smoking cessation

A meta-analysis conducted at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada reported promising results of using hypnosis to help smokers quit. Smokers could benefit a lot from working one on one with a hypnotherapist who can customize a plan to quit smoking. However, they must truly want to quit in order for this plan to work.

How it works: After discussing the customized plan and goals with your hypnotist. He will help you identify healthy replacements. Subsequently, he will use similar techniques as described above to train your subconscious mind to replace smoking with this habit. This habit could be as simple as chewing gum, daily walks, meditation or anything. Another way is using the power of suggestion to associate smoking with undesirable feelings like bad odors or bad taste. So, every time you want to smoke, your mind will bring these feelings to stop you.

In Conclusion, a healthy lifestyle, maintaining balance and harmony of our bodies are crucial aspects of boosting our immunity and preventing infections. Recent evidence of the body and mind connection leads us to identify three aspects that could help us heal the compromised immune systems. Thus, finding techniques to handle these issues is very important for our immune system health. Hypnosis is an excellent method to resolve these issues and doing it with our online hypnosis sessions is very effective. It could be used to manage various health issues including obesity, smoking, depression, anxiety, and chronic pain.

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