Help for Overcoming Compulsive Habits and Behaviors with Hypnosis

Smoking , Eating and other compulsive behavior disorders solved with hypnosis West Palm Beach

Consider for a moment that only about 10% of our mental activity involves conscious processing. The other 90% is unconscious, and the thing is, the unconscious mind absolutely cannot tell the difference between imagination and fact! It reacts to both as if they were equally valid. This means that a great part of our behavior and our habits (both unconscious processes) come about as the result of incorrect and or/distorted perceptions of what we imagine to be “reality.”

Now consider the fact that at least 90% of our moment to moment behavior activities and patterns are habitual. As we know, some habits (good hygiene, safe driving, etc) are decidedly protective and productive. These are generally based on correct perception (good data) and are programmed and deployed by the unconscious for our benefit. However, others (smoking, over-eating, etc.) are based on distorted and sometimes flagrantly incorrect perceptions of imagined risk/reward scenarios. These kinds of habits can have destructive, even fatal consequences.

Hypnosis Help for Compulsive Behaviors such as:

  • Overeating, binge eating
  • Gambling 
  • Smoking Tobacco – quitting smoking
  • Drinking too much Alcohol
  • Workaholic – working too much
  • Nail Biting
  • Pornography
  • Habitual Social Media – Facebook and Twitter
  • Lack of Self-control
  • Telling lies – not telling the truth, exaggeration


Since habit is a function of the subconscious mind, the utilization of hypnosis is a first-line response to such behaviors. By establishing the origins of these behaviors and identifying their “triggers” (a cigarette smoker might “light up” in response to a stressful situation), we can hypnotically reprogram the mind to respond more productively to such triggers. Examples of some such behaviors are: smoking, substance and alcohol* use, the use of food as a replacement, gambling, working too much, compulsive sexual behavior, pornography obsession, social media/internet obsession, self harm, as well as a host of other seemingly minor, but nonetheless troubling habitual behavior such as nail biting, hair pulling, skin picking, etc.

By using hypnosis to reprogram the unconscious mind (the brain’s hard drive), we can stop the repetition of damaging behaviors and produce positive, productive responses to the circumstances and challenges of life.

One of the easiest to identify is the desire to quit smoking is often not enough to become a non-smoker.  We all need to help to find new solutions that will work with our personal habits and methods to that work for us.  Training the mind to no longer desire to smoke cigarettes is easy once you understand your root cause.  That is where hypnosis is extremely successful and 1000’s have stop smoking in as little as a week.

If you are searching for breaking bad habits near me Solutions Hypnosis can help you find the freedom you are looking for from compulsive behavior.

*A doctor’s prescription is required before a hypnotist may address these two behaviors


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